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Today’s StudiOffices

Offices and related spaces (such as vast, glossy, empty foyers and atriums) are considered

and changed to illuminate post contemporary conditions, other creative production or fantasy usage.

These ideas are evoked in photo works and series, films and installations in the form of photo sets,

together with modified objects, alongside editions. Shown in gallery and other contexts, often

incorporating architectural, interior and scenic features, site specifically returning work to it’s source

where offices become studios and vice versa. Voids are filled with new forms and productivity emerges

through mirage to manifestation of studio dreams.

Hanson is curating and developing an evolving series of activities and group shows as part of the project

Today’s StudiOffices. Championing the need for more diverse and accessible studio systems especially in cities,

the project asks, beyond app based palettes, what is an artist’s studio today, and tomorrow?.

The first show Studio Life Lines previewed in a Docklands atrium space as part of Photo Month Festival

during November 2016 http://2016.photomonth.org/listings#29

Alex lives in London, exercising the city itself as a studio device.


Bio :

In his youth Hanson began photographing the Yorkshire suburban countryside and inner city Leeds areas

he grew up in. Photo montage work was shown in a group display about 'new surrealism' at the Henry Moore Foundation.

He performed at Leeds University Workshop Theatre and with the National Youth Theatre.

‘90‘s : His early London photographs portray friends and associates, including Leigh Bowery and Alexander McQueen,

at crucial moments in social and performative situations, and can now be seen in a range of art and fashion books and

biographies (see below). This archive remains an active part of his practice. Other works include photo folios and mixed

media works about the city, it’s hinterland forms and spaces.

‘00‘s : Next Hanson formed alexcalledsimon projects, a 'photo related family' (one called Susan Tripod),

these post performative actions (also with The Offset and The Paper People collectives) and mixed & multi media

displays were presented across various platforms in the UK and internationally, including for a vending machine

project in Tokyo, a sound show at Wolfgang Tillmans’ London studio, in a series of department store windows

in Brussels (t.a.g galleries) and in web based videos. Photo stories and series included published documentations

of performers including David Hoyle.

‘10‘s : He later returned to an academic studio based structure to develop evolving photo art concepts,

Photography at LCC (UAL) 2010, and BA Hons Fine Art at UCA Canterbury, graduating in 2013

with first class honours. New installation and print work exhibited in solo and group shows (see below).

Collaborative film and video projects include Xeric series with Dale Cornish (2014).

Curatorial projects include Susan’s Camp at Satellite Festival (2012), An Early Bud and Octo Ray 3 at UCA (2011, 2013)

and Studio Life Lines for Photo Month Festival (2016). He has given illustrated talks about his work and surrounding

concepts at UCA and Central Saint Martins.


shows and publications :

Solo shows include A Distant, Darkened Lobby (Limbo Arts, Margate. sept 2014), a series of inter connected

photo installations and films which re-imagines office spaces as fragments of artists' studios. In interior, light, shade

(Regent's Place Plaza, London. oct 2014) oversized blind-like prints extract motifs and mirror scenarios in the windows

of the surrounding office towers. 

Work has featured in group shows throughout the UK, Europe, Japan and USA - most recently in Summer Salon

(Lubomirov / Angus-Hughes Gallery, London, July-Aug 2016), Escape Realities (UCA curators, Jan 2016), touring

group exhibition Business As Usual (org Perce Jerrom, Pyramid Art Center, Warrington, Oct 2015 & Turf Projects,

Croydon London, July 2015) and Indexical Traces (Brewery Tap, Folkestone, March 2015).

Alongside material published in books listed below, work has also featured in magazines including

i-D, Dance Theatre Journal (UK), GQ Style (South Africa), Gazelland (USA) and for Gilded Birds.




education :

2013: UCA Canterbury, BA (Hons) Fine Art (first class honours)

2010: LCC (UAL), Art & Design diploma, Photography


collections inc :

Central Saint Martins Museum Archive

University for the Creative Arts Collection

and private collections


work in books :

Leigh Bowery Verwandlungskünstler (contributor; photographs, 1992-4.

ed.; Angela Stief. publisher Piet Meyer Verlag. ISBN-13 9783905799316) 2015.

Alexander McQueen, Blood Beneath the Skin (contributor; photograph 1995 & interview, 2014.

author Andrew Wilson. publisher Simon & Schuster. ISBN 9781471131783) 2015. 

Alexander McQueen, Fashion Visionary (contributor; photographs, 1994, 1995, and interview, 2012.

author Judith Watt. publisher Goodman Books. IBSN 978 1 84796 031 3) 2012.

Alexander McQueen, The Life and The Legacy (- as above - publisher Harper Design. ISBN 0062131990) 2012.

Contemporary British Queer Performance (contributor; photograph of Scottee, 2008.

author Stephen Greer. publisher Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN-10: 0230304427) 2012. 

We Love You (commissioned contributor; photographs of Richard Torry / Minty 1998.

various, The Ambassadors. publisher Booth Clibborn Editions. ISBN 1 86154 088 4) 1998. 

Leigh Bowery (contributor; photographs, 1994. various, publisher Violette Editions. ISBN 1-900828-049) 1998.

selected shows :

Studio Life Lines (+ group, docklands project space, London - part of Photo Month) 2016

Summer Salon (Lubomirov / Angus-Hughes Gallery, London) 2016

Escape Realities (UCA Farnham curators. Homebase Godalming Surrey) 2016

Business As Usual (touring group, org: Perce Jerrom. Pyramid Art Center, Warrington

- part of North Contemporary - oct 15. Turf Projects, Croydon, S.London, july 15) 2015

Indexical Traces (UCA curatorial practice group show and talk, Brewery Tap p/s, Folkestone) 2015 

interior, light, shade * (Regent's Place Plaza, London) 2014

A Distant, Darkened Lobby * (Limbo Arts, Margate) 2014

An Office Foyer in Winter * (degree show installation, UCA) 2013

Octo Ray 3 (+ group, UCA) 2013

Susan & The Sphinx (MadEnergy2 performance, Power Lunches, London) 2012

My Guy Susan * (UCA studio) 2012 

Susan's Camp (+ group test site event, part of Satellite Festival, Whitstable) 2012

The Raft of Susan (action, as above)

Rock Paper Scissors (curator Alana Lake, Galleria Uno+Uno, Milan) 2012

Paper Cuts & Plaster (as above, project space, Dogliani, Italy) 2012

New Works (group print show, project space, Rochester) 2011

An Early Bud (+ group, UCA) 2011

Re-Bird * (Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury) 2011

Rebel Against Thing (performance, Red Gallery, London) 2010

Power Ten (London College of Communication) 2010

A Visit From Susan Tripod (part of group show, curator Link Leisure, t.a.g galleries, Brussels) 2009

Susan's Big Jump (Maggot group performance event, Wolfgang Tillmans' studio, London) 2008

Gazelland: The Art issue (publication group show, Leo Kesting Gallery, New York) 2008 

Shoot Series (org: Warboy, Star of Bethnal Green, London) 2008

Paper Jewels (Loot) at Museum of Revised History (curator Ingrid Zeltins, Residence Gallery, London) 2008

Patrick Returns, as above (part of Hackney Wicked Arts Festival 08)

The Eyes of David Hoyle (from photo series; publications, exhibited work, inc Donlon Books) 2007-09

What Haunt's You? (part of Helen Marshall's group display, The Photographer's Gallery, London) 2007

24London (group touring exhibit, org: Totally London. various venues; Berlin, Milan, Barcelona) 2006

Cosmos Contact 400 (site & event printed matter, org Pains Fireworks, London) 2005

Missy island, This is Fete * (org Cathy Hutton, a garden in north London) 2005

Missy island Paper Hats (for Battle of The Boutiques, LFW, London) 2004

Missy island Goes Home * (site specific, various locations, Cyclades, Greece) 2004 

Ephemera Cloud (action for LFW event, The Tattershall Castle, London) 2003 

island eye patches for the urbanite (curators Yoke & Zoom, Rice+ Gallery, Tokyo) 2003

Featuring… (curators The Centre of Attention, Century Gallery, London) 2003

Queer Nation O2 (curator Alastair O'Neill, Elms Lesters Painting Rooms, London) 2002

Homage to Court Line (+ web resources, collated imagery and data) 2002, ongoing

Empire State Always Future * (16th W project, New York) 2002

The Penny Drops (Plastic Things) * (site specific printed matter, London, Southend & Brighton) 2001

(2000's, various performance based works, part of 'The Offset' and 'The Paper People' collectives)

Aerial No.2 Simon's Playpen * (Vexed Generation, London) 1999

A Talk To The Tripod (performance event, LUX, London) 1998

Willes Road Shows * (various actions, wall drawings & installations, London) 1996-98

A Tribute to Leigh Bowery (curator Johnnie Shand-Kydd, The Fine Art Society, London) 1995

A Smashing Night Out (film stills and appearance as self, BBC 10 x 10 film, dir. M Glamorre) 1994

Mod's Hair (appearance as catwalk photographer, French TV commercial) 1993

Photo Wall * (CZ, London) 1993

theatre stills (for west end & broadway director Mark Bramble & production team, various) 1992

Alex Sparks & Hono Lulu (photo memory songs, various recordings) 1992-93

B&W Profiles * (print show, Soho Brasserie Space, London) 1990-91 

  1. *solo show  + curatorial


Hanson’s practice focuses on the relationship between photography, performance

and creative production. His most recent work, explores how photography might in itself ‘perform’

creating new sites of activity by re-framing and interpolating fragments of the world.” (Matthew de Pulford, Limbo Arts)

Robust, sensitive, dynamic concepts and work.” (Joan Key, artist, academic)

on early work “(His) photographs represent a defining moment of London in the 1990’s.” (Robert Violette, publisher)


profiles :

Studio Life Lines

A Distant, Darkened Lobby

interior, light, shade




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